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Why We Ask For Donations Instead of Payment For Some of Our Products and Services

We believe the information you will learn from our products and services is very valuable. However, we believe that value should be determined by you after you have had a chance to use it. We also want the information we develop to be accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation.

After you have used our products and services we would ask you to consider making a donation in the amount you felt the information was worth to you and what you can afford.

How We Use Donations

100% of your donation is used to develop and distribute products and services to help couples form and sustain healthy marriages. Investors in our social enterprise company do not receive financial dividends. Nor do we allow employees or businesses we work with to receive excessive compensation for their services. We strive to use every donated or earned dollar as effectively as possible to increase the number of healthy marriages.

Thank you for trusting us to use your money to help strengthen marriages.

Because we are a limited liability company donations are not tax deductible. In the long run we believe we will have a greater social impact as a social enterprise company than as a non-profit corporation.

If you have any other questions about donating please call 866 818 5530.

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