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Forget Them Knot Anniversary Card Service: Helping Make Happily Ever After a Reality

If you are going to give an anniversary card, why not give a card that can help the couple build a happy and healthy marriage?

When a couple is able to create a healthy marriage it not only benefits the couple and their children but the benefits extend to you as well. Unfortunately we take these benefits for granted until the couple is having marital problems or getting a divorce.

The Forget Them Knot Anniversary Card Service will not only send a paper anniversary card for less than $2.95. (or as low as 99 cents in bulk) but will also include a pamphlet from the Healthy Marriage Pamphlet Series. These pamphlets have been designed to teach the couple a simple principle they can use to help them create a healthy and happy marriage that will last a lifetime. Click here to read the pamphlets. Click here to view the paper Anniversary cards and order the service.

If you prefer to send your own anniversary cards you can still buy the Healthy Marriage Pamphlets to include with the cards for only 18 cents per pamphlet. S&H is a flat fee of $3.00 for up to 100 pamphlets. After 100 pamphlets S&H is FREE. Call 866-818-5530 to place your order.

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